Tips for Visiting from Abroad

           It is Best to inform your bank/credit card company that you will be in the USA so they do not stop your card. Always have a credit card with you as some debit cards such as Maestro and Solo are not always accepted.

           Make sure you take both parts of your driving license, you will need both to hire a car.

           It's easy to get around by car, but also remember the following: American cars have small boots (trunks), so make sure you pre book the correct size of vehicle. Upgrading when you get there is much more expensive than pre-booking the correct size of car. Be very aware of which car insurances you need and whether you need to add any more when you arrive. Some car companies will push you to add additional insurances that you may not actually need. All rental cars are automatic so select 'D' for drive.

           In Florida it's ok to turn right on a red traffic light unless there is a sign telling you not to.

           Tipping is expected in Florida for good service a general guide is around 15% for example a $20.00 bill or "Check" as the American call it, you should leave $3.00 for $50.00 you should give $7.50.

           When filling in your immigration/Customs forms use BLOCK CAPITALS and try to avoid mistakes as this may get you sent to the back of the queue, you will need one immigration (Green Form) for each member of the party and only one Customs (White Form) for each family group/name. You will be given the forms on the aircraft before landing.

           Take some dollar bills with you and keep them handy for the tolls you will need around $3 - $4 dollars in bills for change.

           If it is your first visit to Orlando we would recommend you to take a GPS (sat nav) unit with you with North American Maps, it will help you get around.

           Make sure you have any prescriptions in your hand luggage in a clear plastic bag for inspection by security at the airport before you go through to departures.